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Group Events

We lay the foundation for building habits of the soul in large to mid-sized gatherings.

We offer customized sessions for retreats, workshops, & trainings.  

Coaching Circles

We dive deeper into soul health through small group coaching circles and training.

We offer build-your-own groups of up to 6 participants per circle. 

Individual Coaching

We provide one-on-one coaching that's customized to your story. 

We offer one time exploration sessions and coaching packages.

We love to coach!

And we bring a dose of counseling to our approach, too, because we know that your past matters.

But, we don't get stuck there. We use it to understand your story so that we can help you take the next right step toward a healthier soul.

Your story is unique and we'd love to hear more about it. We take it in small steps because lasting change happens with time and attention to the little things.


Let's host something great together! 

We love to share habits of the soul with groups of all sizes!

We lead workshops, retreats, and classes in-person and virtually, too. Whether it’s a one hour workshop or a weekend retreat, we lead customized sessions for your event.

If you're an organization that would like to offer coaching to your employees, we offer group discounts. 

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